How do integrative doctors treat cleft lip?

Integrative TEAM. A single doctor is integrated into a team. Cleft lips generally don't require much integration. Once repaired, a cleft lip usually has few long term sequelae other than the scars from the repair. A cleft palate (with or without cleft lip) requires a team approach which often involves facial plastic surgeons, ent's, speech pathologist, and other specialists based on other needs of the patient.
I hope by referring . ...To an asps plastic surgeon with experience in that type of procedure. Most are connected with a university/ med school team that includes an orthodontist speech patologist, etc.Ear tubes often req.Most plastic surgeons defer to thier more experienced collegues.There is no substitute for cleft surgery. To not provide it would be neglect.
Cleft Lip Repair. Being trained in pediatric plastic surgery, i would have the infant seen in a multi disciplinary surgery/peds/genetic/dental center at a university setting. This allows all aspects of the cleft to be diagnosed and treated.
Approaches vary. Not sure what you mean by "integrative doctors". Cleft lip and palate is a condition historically treated by plastic surgeons. There are many different approaches and surgical techniques, but the general principles are the same. Early treatment, as early as 2-3 months old is optimal. A multidiciplinary team is ideal; pediatricians, dental specialists and therapists working with the surgeon.

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