I quit smoking 7 days ago. I am using a vapor cigarette. I am doing very well. This was recommended to me. Your views on this?

First step. Quiting is an important step. Understanding why & perseverance will follow. Although no chemical substances as in a cigarrette, vapor or other types can still cause some damage & risks.
Whatever you need... First, congratulations! i think you need to do what you need to quit smoking & stay quit whether it's taking zyban (bupropion) or Chantix or nicotine patches/gum/sprays or electronic cigarettes. Sure, you're sometimes trading one form of nicotine for another but at least you're no longer exposed to carcinogens (cancer causing stuff). Exercise & good nutrition helps, too. Counselors & support group.
Good for you. Whatever helps you get off the smoking habit is the right thing as far as i'm concerned, and i think most of my teammates will agree.