My age is 54yrs. My triglyceride is 208 and cholestrol is 222.My hba1c is 7.5%. I am not taking any diabetic medicine what should I do?

ABC's & Talk to Doc. Distill your knowledge of diabetes down through some basics letters/numbers (abc's). A= ha1c target <7.0 ; b= blood pressure target <130/80; and c= cholesterol...Targets tc<200, tgs <150, HDL >50, and ldl<100. If you are not meeting these targets then you simply will not live as long as people who are meeting targets. Metformin would be a good start...And likely a statin for chol...Baby asa too.
A-1C is 2 high. Get in & talk this over. Ur blood glucose was not included in the information & it is also important 2 have done & this is also needed 2 make a decision on what path 2 take.