My platelet count is 52000 (itp). Can I take prednisone or prednisolone to increase platelets count upto normal range.

Itp. Yes you can but long term steroids are to be avoided due to side effects. There are many other options available for itp. See http://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/idiopathic_thrombocytopenic_purpura#steroids.
Itp. You are having low platelet count due to itp. Immuno-suppression with Prednisone and/ I.V.I.G, is the standard treatment. Despite the treatment if you still have low platelet count along with some bleeding, then final option will be to go for spleenectomy. Please call your hematologist to discuss the treatment options. Good luck !

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Can I use the nuvaring birth control with autoimmune itp? Last platelet count a month ago was in normal range.

Yes! Yes, you can use it. However, it depends on how low your platelet count, you may have to be cautious, particularly if platelet count is below 50, 000. Consult with a hematologist.. Read more...

Is it safe to become pregnant with itp? Last platelet count was in normal range. What am I to expect regarding delivery? I have antibodies to platelet

Yes. I've had many patients who have this condition and go on to have successful normal pregnancies. A consultation with a perinatologist would help you understand what possible complications there may be. Read more...