My child has neurofibromatosis. What is the best way to explain it to the other kids?

Nervecell overgrowth. Neurofibromatosis is inherited problem with varying degrees of involvement from mild to severe. Neurofibroma is benign tumor that originates from the nerve cells. This tumor usually arise from nerves in the skin or jut under the skin.Type 1 usually appears in children with brown flat skin spots, freckling in armpits, and soft tumors under the skin. Other rarer types involve more brain tumors.
Keep it simple. Keep it simple. Give only the amount of information needed to help them deal with any problems that may show up when dealing with his peers.
Neurofibromatosis. Neurofibromatosis is a problem involving an overgrowth of the insulation around the nerves. Since there are nerves everywhere in the body, the tumors can occur anywhere. The overgrowth of insulaiton involves cells known as schwan cells and they are not infectious, meaning that it cannot spread to someone else. Most of the time, the tumors are painless even if they are large.