High deductible. Limited coverage of outpatient care. Would really help to know what tests, evaluations are required to diagnose hyperparathyroidism and follow it after treatment.?

Blood and urine test. To make a diagnosis of Hyperparathyroidism you need first to have a blood test for Calcium level in your blood. If you have normal calcium level and not even high normal you do not in all probability have Hyperparathyroidism and no test need to be done but if calcium level is high than you will need blood level of Parathyroid Hormone&VitD level. After diagnosis Scan&ultrasound and possible Surgery.
Need more info. - is primary (ie caused from single enlarged PTH gland) - blood: pth, calcium, phosphorus, creatinine; 24hr urine calcium collected properly, -if sig elevated PTH level, u/s or nuclear medicine scan to look at gland. If adenoma, then surgery. After surgery, check levels, replace calcium, maybe vitamin d. (i only get 400 characters to respond).