Could you tell me what functional changes occur in kidney with chronic renal failure?

Only late. Patients with chronic kidney disease usually do well for years with no symptoms. This depends on the cause of the kidney problem. It is important for close follow up by your doctor or nephrologist to minimize further kidney damage. The actual changes in the kidney depend on the causre, but the ultimate effect is gradual reduction of the kidney's ability to clear waste products from blood.

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Why are kids with chronic renal failure (kidney disease) harder to toilet train?

Some are. Kidneys in children with chronic renal failure often can not concentrate their urine. As a result, such chi;ldren hve to drink much more than normal just to remain hydrated. This results in tmem producing an abnormally hugh urine volume which i turn makes them harder to toilet train. Suggest you discuss this with child's nephrologist. Read more...

Help plz! Can polycystic kidney disease cause chronic renal failure?

PKD. Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) can cause both chronic and kidney failure. PKD is a progressive disease that can lead to end stage renal disease in most instances and will lead to chronic in all patients. It is unfortunate that there is not cure for PKD and the overwhelming majority will wind up with end stage renal disease. Read more...