Doctor confirmed I have BPH and need to follow up. Will this needed throughout my life?

BPH. BPH refers to enlargement of the prostate. As the prostate enlarges it can pinch off the urine channel and make it harder for urine to flow. BPH can lead to some consequences including waking up at night, infections, and rarely kidney damage. For that reason it's usually a good idea to have yourself checked periodically.
Yes. Enlarged prostate may occlude the urine to the point that the urine does not come out causing serious damage to the kidney and bladder killing the pt.. BPH is not reversible, it may require surgery to open the prostate when medicines do not help or may require catheterizations. At some point prostate cancer has to be ruled out too.
Yes. BPH needs periodic follow-up to monitor symptoms, urinalysis, ability to empty the bladder, psa, prostate exam and effect of medications that may be needed to manage the bph.