What's a simple way to say what esophageal stricture really is?

Narrowing/scarring. Tight narrowing/scarring generally caused by chronic inflammation; generally longer than a "stenosis". Can also occur after swallowing noxious chemicals like lye.
Esophageal stricture. The esophagus is a relatively simple tubular structure connecting the throat to the stomach. On occasion, a narrowed area will occur in the esophagus, resulting in an interruption in the normal swallowing mechanism. This may result in dysphasia – or difficulty swallowing. Passage of food or liquid may be impaired through the esophagus with a sensation of fullness in the chest.
Narrowing. A narrowing in the esophagus, possibly from acids due to reflux, less commonly cancers, can narrow or partially block the esophagus. Some strictures or narrowings can be dilated or stretched open.