I want do have a career in dermatology; but what are other positions in skincare other than an esthetician? . ..Thanks! :)

Many jobs. There are many jobs in the dermatology skin care field. They hire medical assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, front office staff, receptionists, aestheticians, lab technicians to work in the lab. For all these positions you would need to get special training and certification.
Medical school. You have to go to medical school, then residency for dermatology. You could also be a physician assistant in dermatology.
Many options. I would consider nurse practitioner, physician's assistant, or even heading to medical school and pursuing dermatology. Don't sell your self short but focus on the right path with the balance you are looking for. Each job has different responsibilities and different training paths but any way you go, caring for patients is extremely rewarding. I highly recommend any job in this area.
Dermatologist. You could go to medical school and specialize in dermatologic disease, i.E, become a dermatologist.
Many: medical asst. Nurse practicioner, Physician's Assistant and or course dermatologist.