A recent scan shows I have ovarian cyst and fibroid tumors. Can one surgical procedure take care of the cyst and fibroid tumors?

Yes. A laparoscopic procedure could likely take care of both procedures, depending on size and location of fibroid, in addition to skill of surgeon. Otherwise, they could also make a cut in the abdomen, like for a cesarean, and remove both as well that way. Again, all of this depends on the size and location of the cyst and fibroid. If the fibroid is in uterine lining, then a hysteroscopy better.

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I have an ovarian cyst and fibroid tumor. I've been having "a rubber band sensation" around the top of both my legs. What could this be?

Hard to say. Too non-specific to say. It could be related to either of the pelvic findings, or might be nothing. If it's troubling you, an exam with a doctor can sort it out. Read more...

How do symptoms differ between an ovarian cyst and a fibroid tumor?

Depends . Ovarian cysts are often asymptomatic and found incidentally by exam or sonogram. The same goes for fibroids. If a cyst is going to cause symptoms, it will usually be pain, not necessarily with the period. May also occur with intercourse. Fibroids most often cause heavy menstrual bleeding, and sometimes also painful periods. If large enough, they may cause bladder pressure, or constipation. Read more...