When is surgery necessary?

Severe symptoms. Surgery is necessary when there is significant weakness, bowel or bladder difficulties or severe coordination problems. If pain is severe and cannot be adequately controlled through non surgical means, surgery may be considered as well.
Unsure. I need more information to answer your question. What surgery are you asking about.

Related Questions

When is surgery necessary for retinoblastoma?

When advanced. Retinoblastoma, a usually inherited tumor of the back of the eye in infancy, can respond to actinic, radiation and chemotherapy. If the eye has already been destroyed, or is filled with tumor, removal might be necessary. Good cosmetic matches can be made by an ocularist - a maker of artificial eyes.
Non responsive. When the tumor does not respond to other therapy, such as laser or radiation therapy -then surgery is needed.

When is surgery necessary for acne scarring?

Deep crater scars. Deep atrophic or crateriform scars may need subcision (using a large bore needle or sharp instrument to release the connective tissue pulling down on the scar from underneath). Deep pitted or ice-pick scars may need punch excision or grafting.
Deep scars. Most patients develop acne "scars" which are redness or brown discoloration of the skin left behind by prior acne pimples. Fortunately, these tend to fade with time and do not require treatment. If you have deep depression in the skin from acne, you may benefit from treatments such as fraxel laser, chemical peels, acne surgery, or even fillers.
Nonsurgical options. There are many good nonsurgical options available for treating acne scars. Laser resurfacing is an effective way to reduce acne scarring with minimal down time.
When all else fails. There are several types of acne scarring. Most can be diminished with monthly regimen of creams and chemical peels. If that fails then you have fraxel laser or a more aggressive approach is co2 laser. Hope that helps.

When is surgery necessary or required for treatment of diverticulitis?

Complications. Of all people who have diverticulosis, only about 1% end up needing surgery. Surgery is reserved for complications of diverticulitis including generalized peritonitis, chronic narrowing of the colon (stricture), and post-inflammatory connections between the colon and bladder or vagina (fistulae). In addition, some people with many recurrent attacks opt for surgery.
See below. Generally, if you have had three or more serious episodes, perforation, or narrowing/stricture from chronic recurring attacks.
When complicated. Most diverticulitis is successfully treated with antibiotics. Indications for surgery include free perforation with sepsis, an abscess that can't be treated with percutaneous drainage, fistulas to other organs, strictures or obstruction, and occasionally numerous recurrent episodes of diverticulitis.

When is surgery necessary for ovarian cysts?

Suspicion of cancer. When there is pain, rapid increase in size or infection with fevers etc and there is a family history of ovarian cancer.
See below. Many ovarian cysts resolve on their own but surgery may be an option for some ovarian cysts. This depends on your symptoms, appearances of the cysts on ultrasound, and whether the cysts have been growing or persistent over a few menstrual cycles.

When is surgery necessary for a partial tendon laceration?

More thn 40% This is not an absolute answer but typically when the tendon is lacerated more than 40% or is worsening, deteriorating or may be causiing a problem, surgery may be considered.
Triggering. Mainly to avoid triggering or entrapment issues in the future.
Consult hand surgeon. Typically must be explored and evaluated by a hand surgeon. Repair will be based on area of injury, percent of disruption and what the edges look like.
50% if the tendon is more than 50% lacerated then it would warrant fixation.

What are the drawbacks of not having surgery to repair a small ankle fracture? When is surgery necessary?

If ORS recc... If your orthopedic surgeon recommends 'fixing ' your ankle than follow his advice. Some common ankle fx. S do not require surgery... Casting / crutches will suffice. However, if u are young and your fracture pattern has a propensity to' slip' or the ankle mortise is already showing signs of "widening" orif (surgery)is the only option.'drawbacks' include a 'misaligned' joint and sec. Arthritis.
See below. The fracture may never heal, it could arthritis ; pain.

When is surgery absolutely necessary with a neck injury?

Spinal cord threat. Any suggestion of possible damage to the spinal cord, such as compression, leg weakness, bladder urgency, numbness levels over the trunk, or progressive pain, weakness, muscle bulk loss in one or both arms may mandate surgical treatment.

I may need surgery on my ankle for a tendon rupture. When is surgery medically necessary?

Pain. When it is painful and does not allow you to walk or do activity with comfort and without pain and interferes with your lifestyle.
Couple of things. When there is chronic pain or instability.

When surgery is necessary in chronic pancreatitis idiopathic my age is 19yrs taking supplement tablets and pain killers.?

Yes, for the moment. The supplements are necessary to replace the pancreatic enzymes that are missing or decreased in pancreatitis. The pain medicines are a short term problem and will be tapered off after the surgery.
Change in anatomy. Surgery is indicated when an anatomical complication exists. Generally, this is an acquired abnormality, such as an abscess, blockage, or leakage track.