Can I use ketoconazole cream on my face for folliculitis?

Can, but not helpful. Folliculitis is a result of bacterial overgrowth/infections of your hair follicles...Typically just annoying rather than dangerous. It is basically a small zit. So, topical or oral acne medications can help. Ketoconazole is an antifungal cream (good for ringworms, jock-itch, athlete foot etc.) and will not do anything to the bacteria above. It won't do you harm, but won't do any good. Good luck.

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I got diagnosed with fungal folliculitis on my chest. I got prescribed ketaconazole cream by my GP, which did some work but not enough. Then she gave me additional hydrocortisone cream, together these worked better but still not enough to clear it al?

Fungal . infections would take longer time to clear at times, or it may be a different problem, not the given diagnosis. Continue treatment as prescribed, see your GP for the follow up, if no improvement you may need referral to a dermatologist, wish you well. Read more...