Can a concussion be missed even after a CT scan?

Wont show. Concussions don't show on ct, only bleeding. Concussion: 1. (medicine / pathology) a jarring of the brain, caused by a blow or a fall, usually resulting in loss of consciousness 2. Any violent shaking; jarring definition of contusion:, to bruise, an injury that does not disrupt the integrity of the skin, caused by a blow to the body and characterized by swelling, discoloration, and pain.
Clinical diagnosis. A concussion is a clinical diagnosis, or signs/symptoms not seen on a ct scan. A ct scan shows bleeding (hemorrhage, hematoma), brain without enough blood flow (infarct) or fractures (breaks in bone). It might show contusion or swelling (edema). But usually with a concussion (altered mental status, possible visual changes, dizziness), you have a normal ct scan.