I just got my blood work back and my iron level was 649. I still have a regular period, don't take any meds and my iron low before. What's wrong with?

Could be error. That iron level is very very high...Especially in light of being low before. There are several components of the iron-work-up, thus it is possible that this is actually not the iron level but other protein i.e. Transferrin (200-400) and ferritin (30-400) depending on specific lab. Ferritin can vary greatly, easily over 1000 with acute illness etc... So, check with your doc to confirm. Good luck.
Excess Menstrual . Iron levels alone are unreliable. We would like to know your , CBC ( hemoglobin or hematocrit), tibc, and your ferritin to have a better understanding of your iron metabolism. Many ladies have chronic anemia and low iron because of heavy menstrual periods. Depending upon your age you may or may not have uterine polyps, fibroids or other reason to bleed too much.