Best way to treat a hangover?

Moderation is better. Per uptodate, people who successfully drink in moderation are, by definition, not abusers of alcohol. No level of alcohol consumption can reliably be regarded as safe for some. Recommendations for "safe" levels of drinking differ between men & women."problem drinking" (frequent hangover, excessive drunkenness, or sleeping in one's clothes) is clearly related to excess mortality. Drink less please!
Don't drink so much.. ..Next time. Nothing really helps, but you should stay hydrated (with water!), rest, and eat small frequent amounts. Drinking to excess can cause serious medical problems, besides being a sign of alcoholism.

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Best way to treat a hangover? My friend might be having a gathering but I'll have work the next day I'll try to be home by midnight I gotta be up at 8

Hydrate!!! Best way to treat a hangover is to prevent it!!! Always make sure you don't drink on an empty stomach and always try not to drink more than an ounce of alcohol per hour. So one beer an hour, one shot an hour, etc. Drink a full glass of water in between cocktails helps as well and drink at least 2 glasses of water before you go to sleep. Hydration is key!!

The best way to treat a hangovers is?

Varies. Hangovers are complicated. Some drinkers feel irritable because alcohol withdrawal causes the brain to be sensitive. Some drinkers are dehydrated or have depleted their minerals after moderate or heavy drinking. Some people feel poisoned because of additives in alcoholic beverages even when they do not drink to excess (e.g. Red wine). There are different ways to reduce each of these.
Don't drink. Hangovers happen when you drink more than what your metabolism can handle.