Laboratory results are: total cholesterol 199 mg/dl HDL 54 mg/dl and LDL 126.7 mg/dl. I'm 26. Is this ok? If not, how bad is it?

NOT BAD @ all. Total cholesterol=199 (goal <200) HDL (good cholesterol) =54 (goal >40) LDL (bad cholesterol)=127 (goal <130) . So your numbers are not bad! just continue to exercise, eat low fat diet, don't smoke enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
Not bad. Your results are within the normal limits for a person your age, however, you could try to reduce your LDL by keeping your weight to have your bmi at about 20, exercise, limit intake of saturated fat and carbohydrates. It would be good to repeat the test in about five years.
Depends on Particles. Cardiovascular (cvd) risk is related to the number of LDL and HDL particles (ldl-p, hdl-p). Ldl can be estimated by cholesterol (ldl-c) or measured by particle number (ldl-p). Ldl-c and ldl-p do not equally predict cardiovascular risk. When ldl-c and ldl-p values disagree (due to cholesterol variability per particle) cvd risk tracks with LDL particle number, not ldl-c values.