Why do I get sinus infections all the time? Plus, I also get pollups. I had all 8 nasal cavities cleaned. This is ridiculous.

Nasal polyps recur. Anyone with a history of recurrent polyps and/or recurrent sinusitis needs to undergo allergy evaluation and testing. Sinus surgery with or without polypectomy is not a cure for sinus disease or nasal polyposis. Usually after surgery maintenance therapy with nasal anti-inflammatories like Nasonex (mometasone) or Flonase alone or with antihistamines helps reduce frequency of infection or recurrence of polyps.
ALlergy evaluation. Chronic sinus disease and nasal polyposis is a very difficult disease to treat. One should undergo a thorough allergy / immunology evaluation. Particular attention should be paid to Aspirin sensitivity and immune system evaluation. Associated disease, like asthma, are common in this population and needs to be aggressively treated.
Recurrent sinusitis. Ridiculous, maybe. But this is you. Just a condition you were born with. The polyps are a predisposing factor to chronic, recurrent sinusitis. They can be surgically treated. Surgical treatment of the sinuses themselves is only about 50% effective. Otherwise, you are just going to have to use frequent and prolonged antibiotics and some kind of decongestant like the nose spray flonase.