I need to lose weight what are some good healthy foods to fix that will fill me up?

Not just veggies! You probably think i'm going to say carrots and celery.You are wrong! i find that if you eat a huge salad ( lettuce not croutons) with non-fat dressing, you will feel full for about 10 min., then you will be hungry again and you will probably crave the "not so good for you foods-cookies etc.) experience has taught me to that filling foods include lean protein, food with fiber, fresh fruit, and veg.
FOODS TO LOSE WEIGHT. The foogs which will fill you up and make you lose weight are1 high fiber creals, natural oatmeal, whole grain wheat etc 2green and yellow vegetables.And you need to avoid sugars, fruit juices, sadas, fried and high fat content foods.There are many chices without staying hungry.So go for fruits, vegetables, whole grains and drink lot of water and exercise.Good luck.Avoid sugars and carbs.