Can your ureatha get blocked so that u csnt pee & then it feels like a lot of pressure down below & when u do pee its only a few drops?

Possible UTI. Yes, your urethra may become blocked or inflamed. Are you able to pee a fairly "normal" amount at all during the day or is it only just drops? What you are describing is most likely a urinary tract infection, usually caused by bacteria that irritate your bladder & urethra. Utis make it feel like you have to pee all the time even if you have just gone. See the dr if this does not go away in a day.
Yes from UTI or Gyn. An acute urinary infection/cystitis + urethritis can cause these symptoms. Cystocele +/or uterine prolapse in more mature women could also do this. Occasionally a urethral diverticulum could do the same. Urinalysis would show whethether you have a uti.