How to sleep early at night?

Improve sleep. Tips to sleep early at night 1) Make sure you a tired prior to going to bed 2) Obtain 30 min sunlight in the AM when you wake up 3) Exercise, AM is better as if you exercise close to bed time it can keep you awake 4) Avoid caffeine after lunch 5) Develop a relaxation ritual prior to going to bed, listen to calming music, inhale lavender essential oil, breathing exercises 6) Contact me for help.
Melatonin. Take melatonin 3mg 2 hours before your desired sleep time. Keeps all lites low. Avoid computer screensand tv. Also, google the term sleep hygiene and begin practicing it. Meditation, yoga, sleep sound machines, binaural listening apps for sleep (check app store) are all very reasonable. Blue-blocker sunglasses worn faithfully every evening can also help you get to sleep earlier. Purchase on-line.