Preg test negative on friday. Spotting and pregnant symp for week before period. Cramping. Bled with no clots i. Two days and now spotting. Normal?

Probably. If you had a negative pregnancy test and have had several days of cramping and bleeding similar to your normal period, you are probably not pregnant, however, it would best to go have a repeat blood pregnancy test to rule out a tubal pregnancy test if your symptoms continue. You should go to the er immediately if you have severe abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding.
Needs evaluation. Pregnancy symptoms (bloating, breast tenderness) before your period are common as your ovary makes progesterone. Spotting before your period may be a hormonal issue or a physical problem such as uterine polyps. If it doesn't feel like a "normal period" see your ob/gyn or a reproductive endocrinologist and get a blood pregnancy test to make sure you don't have an early pregnancy or tubal pregnancy.