Might dental hygienist use a dental drill?

Dental hygienist. Dental hygienist or dental assistants are not allowe to use a high speed hand piece inside patients mouth. If you are referring to the ultrasonic hygiene cleaning instrument, they are allowed to use that. I hope that answers your question.
NO. Dental hygienists use a drill instrument when they polish your teeth but they are not allowed to cause any irreversible changes in tooth structure. They cannot alter your teeth.
RDH and drills. Depending on the state and their training, some dental hygienists are also restorative dental hygienists. They can use the dental drill to adjust or polish some filling materials. And of course they can use the hand piece to polish your teeth. Currently there are some states that are training rdhs to be dental therapists that are licensed to do basic fillings and extractions.

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Might a dental hygienist drill your teeth or give you fillings?

States vary. The procedures allowed for different auxiliary personnel varies from state to state. I am not aware of any state that allows hygienists to actually cut teeth with a dental drill, but I do know that some states allow specially trained dental personnel to place the restorations, under the dentist's supervision. The hygienist can polish your teeth with a rubber wheel and abrasive paste. Read more...
No. Some states have developed new mid level providers who can remove cavities and place fillings. These pilot programs have usually attracted former dental hygienists into their program. As a general rule hygienists can't drill a tooth or place a filling without additional certifcation and working in a state that permits this type of care. Read more...