27weeks carrying low baby is breech and extremely uncomfortable. Baby is below my belly button. Should I be worried?

No, likely will flip. Among breech babies, >50% switch to cephalic at 32wks, and it even happens at 38wks spontaneously. OBGYNs can perform a VERSION to flip baby at term, but DON'T TRY @ HOME. All breech babies should be delivered via C-Section b/c the risk of vaginal delivery is too great (head entrapment and fetal death due to cord compression). Only in RARE situations are vaginal deliveries performed.
Butt down ok now. "breech" position at 27 weeks is not concerning---baby can be in any prosition at this time--likely will turn near birth time. Regarding being low and uncomfortable....You may try maternity belt which may help a bit. Avoid tight clothing. Lay on you side to rest when you can. If these measures don't help, consult your doc for further eval. Good luck and congrats..Babies are awesome!