I am 27 weeks pregnant and I felt my baby kicking more than usual. Almost all day n night. Is it good or is it coz she s feeling some discomfort inside?

It's normal. It is normally anticipated at this time of the pregnancy to have full motions of movements.
Normal. As your infant grows, she will become more able to move on her own, and you will feel it more. That is encouraging. It does not imply she is under any particular stress, and if she were, typically the baby will stop moving.
Normal. Kicking from a baby is a sign of fetal well being. Some babies are more active when you are at rest, after a meal/sweet drink or from external stimulation such as noise close to the womb.
Fetal movement . I always saw that there is no such thing as bad or too much fetal movement. I have found that those who work during the day feel less movement. This does not mean that baby is not moving. However, when relaxed at home after a busy day, many report a heightened perception of movement.
Kicking is good. The baby moving is a way of showing that the baby is doing well. Think of the movement as the baby is getting proper nutrition and blood supply. The baby is not feeling any discomfort. Also, Advil is usually not recommended in the later part of the pregnancy. Tylenol (acetaminophen) would be a better choice if a pain deliver is needed.
Baby's movement. Fetal movement increases throughout day, with peak activity late at night. Make sure your baby moves approximately 10 times in 2 hours. Usually increased activity at night is no reason for concern.
Doubtful. One of the ways we monitor the well being of a baby is by counting kicks. We worry if the kick count DECREASES. Stimulation or eatting something sweet can make the baby move more.
This is reassuring! Assessing fetal movement is important to determine the health of the fetus. I tell my patients to lie down after dinner and the baby should move around 10 times in an hour or two. I am more concerned when a patient tells me that the baby is moving less, not more, than it normally does. If the patient perceives that there is too little movement, a NST and ultrasound for fluid is recommended. .