I just discover that my fasting glucose level is 250 mg/dl and the hba1c is 7.2. Shall I totally stop eating carbohydrate even the whole wheat bread?

= Diabetes! You are officially a diabetic. I would suggest that you consult your doc/diabetic educator and/or dietician for a more thorough diabetic teaching..Learning how to take care of you and your illness properly. This is a life-time illness...There is no curer yet. Many treatments are available, but the cornerstone is healthy lifestyles! i wish you all the best. Good luck.
Healthy diet. As a newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic, you should definatly change your diet. Decreased consumption of all carbohydrates, esp. Simple ones like sugar and other sweets, is important. Completely giving up carbs would be difficult, but shifting to more complex ones (like whole wheat bread instead of white) will help control your sugars. A good reference on low glycemic index foods would help too.