What is the best treatment for morgellons?

Not infectious cause. The mayo clinic in 2011 (arch dermatol, sep 2011; 147: 1041 - 1045. ) published a case series regarding morgellon's, concluding that an infectious cause is not there. In many cases, patients with this condition are very, very resistant to even consider a psychiatric cause for this awful delusion of infestations- like worms coming out of the pores of their skin.
Imagined or Real? First described in 2002, this controversial skin condition has lesions containing small fibers. One may feel as if there are bugs under the skin. Many dermatologists treat morgellons as delusional parasitosis. After a thorough medical examination to rule out known organic causes for the symptoms, delusional parasitosis patients are typically prescribed one of several typical antipsychotic drugs.
Not medical illness. "the cdc researchers issued the results of their multi-year study in january 2012, indicating that there were no disease organisms present in morgellons patients, the fibers found were normal clothing fibers, and suggested that patients' sensations were manifestations of “delusional infestation." for more info, follow this link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/morgellons good luck.