What are the four stages of gout?

Gout... 1) asymptomatic hyperuricemia - high uric acid in the blood 2) acute gout/acute gouty arthritis - uric acid deposition in a joint 3) interval / intercritical gout - the periods between acute attacks 4) chronic tophaceous gout - permanent damage to joints and other vital organs.
Read below. 1. Asymptomatic: uric acid levels increase 2. Acute /gouty arthritis: uric acid deposits in joint spaces and gout attacks. 3. Interval: the time between gout attacks 4. Chronic tophi: permanent damage to the joints due to hgh uric acid build up that turns into gout deposits call tophi. This will often require more serious meds or surgery.
4 stages of gout. The first stage is high uric acid levels in blood without a gout attack. The 2nd stage, acute gout, is gout flares separated by asymptomatic periods. If treated effectively, disease progression stops and no more flares. If untreated, acute gout can progress to 3rd stage: chronic gout, with constant flares. The 4th & final stage is terminal gout with joint destruction and disability. Get treated!