If orgasms are meant for procreation, is there really such a thing as a female "orgasm" or is it just them enjoying the act of sex?

Yes. Males and females have the exact same parts, including clusters of nerve endings. Early in development, testosterone will transform certain female organs into male organs. Due to these differences, the end result of an orgasm is different but the sensation can be just as powerful for both sexesl.
Yes. Female orgasm results in release of oxytocin. Oxytocin causes vaginal and uterine contraction to assist in sperm transport. It also increases bond with mate. It's the hormone of attachment.

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Does a female orgasm liquid act like fertile cm? Does it help conception happen sooner?

No, sort-of... For years we've known orgasmic vaginal fluid to be less acidic than regular vaginal pH (3.8-4.5) which theoretically would increase survivability of sperm. Semen itself is the best sperm protector with a pH of 7.2-7.4 (neutral, relatively basic in comparison). This is unlikely to make much of a difference given the sheer volume of ejaculate deposited at the cervix's front door. Timing = everything. Read more...