I felt like vomiting and my stomach is all bloated. Does that mean im going to start my period?

No, not necessarily. This is not a typical symptom before a menstrual start. Cramping, bloating and nausea are common symptoms including breast tenderness. If you usually have this symptom before your cycle starts then yes. Other disturbances of your gastrointestinal tract may be causes of your symptoms. Any other symptoms such as constipation, difficulty swallowing, etc.?
Possibly. There are some patients who have a form of pmdd, characterized by an overproduction of prostaglandins. Symptoms can begin with light head, severe cramps diarrhea and even nausea and vomitting. If it a recurrent predictable problem, then you can treat this. Mark your calender and start antiprostaglandin like Aleve (naproxen) or ibuprofen, several days before the symptoms to prevent the onset. No allergy?