When people have liposuction, is it true that they tend to accumulate fat again in the same areas if they are predisposed to doing so?

No. The fat cells removed with liposuction do not grow back therefore in the suctioned areas you have let fat cells to enlarge. If you gain weight, fat in other body part that was not touched will enlarge and can.Create disproportion.
No. Liposuction will permanently remove fat cells from the treated area so there are relatively less fat cells there. Significant weight gain will tend to fill up areas that have not had lipo so that there will a more noticeable increase of fat in those areas and a relatively less increase in fat in the areas that have had lipo.
Not usually . Actually the opposite tends to be true: when gaining weight, you will tend to accumulate fat in areas that were not liposuctioned.
NO. When you remove the extra fat from an area during liposuction, you are in effect removing the "extra fat" permanently from that area. That is not to say that you can't gain weight, but you will maintain the same overall contour that your surgeon has created. You will not depost fat preferentially in your "trouble areas". Dr. Fred coville- linwood, new jersey.
No. Liposuction provides permanent fat reduction. That being said, it doesn't remove all of the fat cells in an area, so it is still possible to put weight on in a treated area. Weight gain post op is usually in a new area. Good post-op instructions should always include information about maintaining your results with diet and exercise. http://www.OmahaCosmeticSurgery.com.