Thyroid ultrasound: several hypoechoic foci measuring 7mm in length, could represent nodes, less likely prominent parathyroid. Should I be worried?

Probably not. We never treat pictures (i.e.Ultrasound), we treat the patient. If they are in thyroid, 7mm nodules are very common (and obviously tiny) particularly in women. If they are outside thyroid, additional imaging ct scan of neck with contrast may be needed. Discuss findings along with symptoms, pertinent blood work (ex. Thyroid function tests, ca++) with your primary care physician or endocrinologist.
Probably not. If your doctor is worried will order ultrasound guided biopsy. These are common. I do these almost every day.
Hypoechoic foci thyr. Hypoechoic foci are fluid filled or sold masses that cast limited echoes compared to the surrounding tissues on ultrasound exam.Once you find this there is suspiciioun of cancer and it need further testin including biopsy to rule out cancer.The treatment depends on its type, composition and overall health of the indivisual.