What causes anxiety disorders? Is it possible for someone who didn't go through any typically major event to suffer from anxiety disorder/ depression?

Many things; yes. Genetics, trauma, environmental factors/stress/illness can cause anxiety/depression. Some people have generaized anxiety/depression without apparent causes. If you are suffering or know someone who is so from such illness, consult a doctor. There are many treatment options available today...Medications and/or therapy. Best of luck to you.
Absolutely. Anxiety is a normal part of life. It motivates and warns us to keep from harm. Everyone is biologically set with different stress tolerance levels. For some this level is so low that normal daily decisions cause excessive anxiety. This can be genetic. An anxiety disorder occurs when the level of anxiety is so great it interfers with normal function. See psychiatry in techno colors on amazon. Com.
Causes of Anxiety. I commend you for your Emotional Health! Other than traumatic event in life, causes of Anxiety Disorder are: Family history increasing likelihood of developing Anxiety Abnormal functioning of certain nerve cell pathways that connect particular brain regions involved in thinking and emotions. Use of Caffeine, Alcohol, Marijuana, Cocaine and Amphetamines Withdrawal from Nicotine and Drugs.

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Can depression cause unwanted thoughts/bad thoughts of hurting someone you love I do have generalized anxiety disorder?

That might be. More likely with obsessive compulsive disorder. Please let your psychiatrist know about these thoughts promptly so that this can be explored and appropriate intervention can be made. Take care.

What can cause someone to have anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and depression?

There are multiple. Factors which cause all mental illnesses. It is impossible to answer such a broad question with 400 characters. Be more specific. Does the person have one or all three diagnosis?

I was diagnosed with mad (major anxiety disorder) and mdd (major depression disorder) in the year of 2008. Is it possible to still have them?

Yes it is possible. Have your symptoms changed? Have you been working in therapy to reduce anxiety or cope with depression better? If not, the diagnosis may be the same. Depression naturally has ebbs and flows and is not always as strong. Meet with a specialist to decide whether the diagnosis are still accurate and to develop a treatment plan.
How are you feeling? Yes, it is possible, but really, you would be the best one to answer the question. If you don't feel as bad in either way - the diagnoses would be different. If they were accurate to begin with, you'll perhaps always have tendencies for relapse, but may never again suffer as badly - especially with good psychotherapy to monitor your status and guide you through difficult times. Take care.

Anxiety depression anxiety disorder can cause 24/7 confusion, blurry vision s?

Yes. Anxiety can trigger a variety of physical symptoms - speak with your doc - ask about ssri's or snri's and cbt/hypnosis.

I get really bad anxiety. I saw a doc who said I have an anxiety disorder and major depression. How do I relieve my anxiety?

Multiple options. Treatment of anxiety and depression are similar in many ways. Both tend to respond well to medication, including what is commonly as antidepressants. The most effective behavioral options include cognitive behavioral therapy. Best outcomes tend to combine medication and behavioral treatments. Would suggest getting a consult to a psychiatrist and/or psychotherapist from your provider.

I've been taking Effexor (venlafaxine) for about a year or so (diagnosed w/major depression & severe anxiety disorder) & I'm not happy w/it. Other suggestions?

Many options. The problems of depression and anxiety often need medications but counseling is also helpful in successful treatment. If a medication does not work well, or causes side effects that are not tolerable, it is important to discuss with your physician about other choices. No blood test, or easy way of choosing the right med exists, but other classes of drugs like ssris, or adding a med may be needed.
Discuss with doctor. I suggest discussing your concerns with your doctor -- hopefully a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist will be interested in why you're unhappy with effexor, (venlafaxine) and try to work with you to improve the results you're getting. This should involve a close review of your case, and possibly dose adjustments or changes to different medications. Psychotherapy should be part of your treatment too.

Can chronic depression/anxiety disorder cause slow digestion, overweight and permanent c, hemmoroids and now gerd!?!?!

Common causes. Certain very common cases that include almost all of your symptoms share a common cause. Sequence of events, which your dr can help clarify with some studies (eg: osa, or hypothyroidism, etc, etc might be (at least partially) responsible for fatigue/overweight-gerd/ anxiety, depression/resp. Obstruction/ insomnia). Check with your dr. Best wishes.

I've been diagnosed with major depression and generalized anxiety disorder, taking celexa (citalopram) on and off. I want to have a baby next year. Any advice?

Pregnancy. I hope you are talking to some counselor or therapist. A big problem in society and in medicine today is people will be put on very powerful medicines and not given any supportive talk therapy. This type of question and life plan needs to be integrated fully into your treatment. Good luck you need a definite plan.
Risk v benefit. Depends on the severity of symptoms. Untreated depression can complicate pregnancy with poor appetite, poor motivation to follow prenatal care and risk of suicide jeopardizes pregnancy.