Can I take blackmores hair skin and nails at the same time as taking blackmores bio zinc vitamins?

Should be OK. I checked the manufacturers website for active ingredients. Bio zinc has zinc, magnesium, manganese, vit a, & vit b6. Hair, skin, nails has silica, vit c, horsetail extract (?), folic acid, vit b5, iron, biotin, betacarotene, & also has zinc & manganese, but in amnts that would be safe combined with the other supplement. Supplements are drugs and may interfere with other meds--be sure to check.

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Can I take bio zinc vitamins and skin hair and nails vitamins at the same time?

Qualified yes. Unless you have been specifically diagnosed with a vitamin deficiency, you will likely get more than enough supplementation from a multivitamin and or routine diet. More and more data is coming out showing the potential adverse effects of taking vitamin and mineral supplements and that large doses can be detrimental - a much more common problem in this country than vitamin deficiency. Read more...