Can testostetone change into female hormones in the male body when given the pellets by your doctor?

To an extent. Excess amounts of testosterone given to a male can be metabolized into estradiol. This is particularly the case in overweight or obese men, because it is the fat cells that metabolise testosterone into estradiol. This is also why men on Testosterone therapy need to take an aromatase inhibitor like arimidex (anastrozole).
Testosterone pellets. Testosterone can convert to estrogen via aromotase, an enzyme. It doesn't matter the route of delivery of the testosterone. This is generally easy to treat with a small dose of an aromotase inhibitor. Talk to your doctor. Get your hormone levels checked. This is important to check because one potential consequence of high estrogen is male breast decelopment. Best of luck to you!
YES. Some men on pellet therapy do convert a certain amount of testosterone to estrogen. Other meds can be given to help it not to convert. The benefits of t pellets far outweigh low t so talk to a doc who specializes in that area and let him help you get to your optimal levels. For more info. Go to www.Doctorscotts.Com.
BTW, Men Make E. The process of testosterone converting to estrogen {and vice versa} is called aromatization. Here is an interesting study on the matter: http://www.Sciencedirect.Com/science/article/pii/002604959390101s the t to e conversion may occur with all forms of trt. From my experience, t shots produce the greatest t to e conversion. Topical t converts in the middle. Pellet implants the least t to e.