What is the remedy for carpal tunnel syndrome?

Splinting or surgery. Splinting at night has been shown to be effective, short term, in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. Therapy has never been demonstrated to be of any benefit. Steroid injection has been shown to have time limited benefits. For persistent symptoms and for any loss of muscle, surgery is indicated.
Relieve pressure. The primary intervention for cts is to relieve pressure on the median nerve in the wrist. Since we tend to flex our wrists when we sleep, wearing a neutral position wrist splint at night can often make a big difference, especially in conjunction with antiinflammatoriess. If this fails, nerve block and release surgery are possible options.
Depending upon the. Severity treatment ranges from splinting to corticsteropid inceptions, medication and surgery. It is important to have a comprehensive plan depending upon what stage the disease is in.
Medic 1st, surg 2nd. Generally speaking most individuals will attempt work place or ergonomic modifications first, possibly followed by use of oral medicalions and/or splints. Anti-inflammatory injections may be attempted by some but does carry some risk, if medical and occupational and physical therapy interventions do not resolve the condition, surgery may be indicated.

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Can you tell me about the remedy for hand numbness due to carpal tunnel syndrome?

There are a few: 1: wrist brace to keep the wrist from being flexed/extended. Initially used at night time. 2: steroid shots might be helpful, if the brace doesn't fully control symptoms, or in pregnancy, if severe. 3: when nothing helps ; the symptoms are severe enough to interfere in daily activities, then surgery is necessary to release the trapped nerve. See your orthopod for it. Good luck.

Are there any home remedies that can help with carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel. Needs to be treated by your doctor. He/she may prescribe splints to be worn on the wrists, especially when sleeping. That can be a home remedy of sorts. Peace and good health.

How can carpal tunnel syndrome be treated?

Non-op@1st, then op. Carpal tunnel syndrome (cts) causes numbness/tingling in the thumb, index, long and the radial half (thumb side) of the ring finger. Early symptoms are treated with night-time splints, oral/injectable steroids and therapy. If these measures fail to resolve symptoms, surgery is a good option for treatment. Surgery to release the transverse carpal ligament can be done open or endoscopic. See a hand dr.
Surgery. Carpal tunnel release surgery is effective in treating 98% of patients. Endoscopic procedures can be performed as an outpatient and with minimal down time. Conservative measure such as anti inflammatories, wrist braces and steroid injections can help, but recurrence rates with these treatment modalities is much higher than surgery.
Variety of ways... Carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated with nighttime splint immobilization using "carpal tunnel braces." for temporary relief of symptoms, cortisone injections can be helpful. Having failed conservative treatments, surgical intervention may be necessary, usually through endoscopic or small open incisions.
There are many. Ways to approach cts, depending upon the severity of symptoms, the extent of numbness, presence of muscle atrophy, pain, related conditons and other factors. Splinting, nsaid, corticosteroid injections, surgery, medications, ruling out metabolic and endocrine and other nerve issues all are important. A hand surgeon is ideally trained but many physicians deal with this common problem.
Several options. Options include wrist splints, anti-inflammatory medications, and local steroid injections. If these conservative treatment options fail, surgery is usually effective.
Carpal tunnel Rx. Here are some treatment options for carpal tunnel syndrome: 1. wrist splinting at night 2. surgery to release compression on the median nerve 3. steroid injection to reduce inflammation 4. medication to treat pain if any.
Carpal tunnel. There are three general modes of treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome: surgery, splint or nothing. The best five year result is achieved with surgery, which these days is generally done arthroscopically. Nothing simply means observing until, symptoms become horrible enough to enact one of the other two strategies. Splint application is seen as a bridge to surgery.

Carpal tunnel syndrome-how painful is this?

Differs by person. For some people it is just numbness in the thumb side of the hand (first three fingers). For others it is painful with radiation towards the elbow and made worse with wrist flexing. Tax options include bracing, medications, injections, and surgery.
Depends. Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome can have hand and wrist pain however there are plenty of patients who only have numbness in their fingers.
Variable. Both existing answers point out that it varies a lot form person to person and that is correct. However if the question is 'how bad can it be' then on a scale of 0-10 the range is about 0-8 - i.e. some patients do get quite severe pain from CTS, especially if the nerve compression develops very rapidly.
Depends. For most people, carpal tunnel syndrome is not painful. But, it certainly can be very painful for other people. We are not sure why some people experience pain with this condition compared to others. Do not judge the severity of carpal tunnel syndrome based on the pain level - this can be misleading.