Can calcium intake cause renal stones?

Not necessarily. Kidney stone formers often have elevated levels of calcium in the urine and calcium lowering medications can help them. However, reducing calcium in the diet is not recommended and does not seem to prevent stones. Excessive intake may predispose to stones, but there is no evidence that it will cause them. If you have a prior history of stone, taking the regular usrda of calcium is recommended.

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Male/42/w/30yrs multiple renal stones (calcium oxalate)why do my recent nonobstructing stones cause hydronephrosis/10outof10 pain/hematuria& no uti?

Oxalate stones. Are often the result of crohn's disease related to the lack of absorption of bile salts in the diseased ileum. You shouldn't have hydronephrosis if there is no obstruction but certainly they can cause lots of pain and hematuria. Hope you are improving. Read more...