What might lead to having heart palpitations?

Many reasons. Palpitations can be felt as irregular beats, fast beats, or skipped beats. A common cause can be due to extra early beats generated by either the top or bottom heart chambers. Other times, palpitations may be due to the heart going into an abnormal rhythm. Sometimes this is due to problems with the heart muscle or enlargement of the heart. Thyroid, anemia, caffeine, and alcohol can also be causes.

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Dizziness in a crowded place. Heart palpitations & start to panic lead to breathing difficulties. Cant stay alone and need to be accompanied. Please!!!

Sounds like an. anxiety disorder. Looks like you are seeing a doc and getting treated. Please see a mental health professional if available. "Hope and help for your nerves" by Claire Weekes is a good and helpful book. Peace and good health to you. Read more...

Can severe constipation lead to heart palpitations? I experience heavy palpitations when I eat food, or go to toilet less often. Worsens my appetite.

Yes. Severe constipation is uncomfortable and any discomfort can cause our body to release more adrenaline, which makes the heart beat harder and faster. That's a normal reaction. Would focus on getting enough help for the constipation including regular exercise, plenty of fruit/vegetables/whole grains, and medical treatment. Also tea is constipating in case u didnt know. Read more...