How long after the Brazilian butt lift does it take to heal? How long before you can sit on your butt?

About 2 weeks. Healing requires attention to the recipient as well as the donor sites. After any liposuction procedure, it generally takes about 3 months to see long term and stable results and resolution of tenderness. It is typically advised that you avoid sitting or sleeping directly on the grafted buttock sites for about 2 weeks.
3 weeks recovery. In order for the best possible long term results, i advise my patients not to sit for 3 weeks. This allows the fat graft to 'take' in the most permanent way possible. The attached brazilian butt lift image is one of my own patients. Ricardo rodriguez, md baltimore, maryland.
About two weeks. It takes about two weeks to return to normal activity. Final results are seen in 3-6 months, when all swelling subsides. The procedure is very effective with the added benefit of liposuction.
6 weeks. In order to maximize the amount of fat that survives in a properly performed fat transfer to the buttocks, i stress to all my patients that pressure will kill the fat. Although difficult, you really have to keep pressure off your buttocks by sitting on a stool, hanging off a pillow, "motorcycle-type sitting" sleeping on your belly and side. All of these things are essential for success. Dr. Fred.
Few weeks. Healing time depends on whether you have fat graft aug versus use of implants. Fat graft most common, but in very thin women not possible (implants needed). Implants take more caution during early healing to avoid movement. Usually recommend avoiding long periods of sitting on either for first couple of weeks, using compression and padding to protect.