Menopause is giveing me a hard time with body temp filling flash & heat flashes, no energy, what to do to help me throgh this?

Supportive herbs. Menopause may be more difficult in women who have higher levels of stress and depletion of adrenal hormones. While this is a complex issue that requires individualized treatment, I have found that ashwaganda and black cohosh are adaptogenic herbs that may offer relief. You must also be sure you are eating a healthy mediteranean style diet with limited refined sugars & grains and getting good sleep.
HRT. For women struggling through menopause, hormone replacement can help. Women with no medical problems, recently started menopause can use hrt. Traditional medicine will say only for 2-5 years. Age managment medicine may say longer. There is synthetic and bio-identical hormones to choose from. Do your homework on who you would like to see and what you want to use.
Menopause. Wear layered clothing, stay in a cool environment, avoid caffeine and spicy food, follow an exercise routine. Try some herbal remedies, like soy extract, black cohash, evening primrose oil. If nothing works, see a doctor about prescription therapies.
Suzanne Somers. is not a doctor but has done her homework about natural hormone replacement therapy. Here's a link Visit a doctor skilled in natural hormone replacement therapy. Peace and good health.