Can I get a yeast infection under my breasts?

Yes. Especially is there is a lot of moisture.
YEAST under breasts. Yeast (candida) thrives in moist places where there is skin-on-skin (yeast intertrigo) e.g. Under the breasts, other skin folds. The best prevention is keep these areas dry with powder or medicated powders. Also topical anti-fungals will help clear up the irritating rash. Yeast rashes seem to more prevalent with warmer weather, too hope you are better!

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Navel yeast infection. How can I treat it? How can it be avoided. Am overweight. : (get lots of yeast infections under breasts, female parts. : (

Anti-yeast cream. Yeast in the naval area = ringworm...But make sure you have the correct diagnosis. Topical antifungal creams are often adquate, but severe cases may require oral medication. Keep areas clean and dry to minimize recurrence..

I'm really itchy under my breasts and on the top of my thighs. Can I have yeast infection under my breasts but can that spread to only my thighs?

Yes and yes. Ringworm or candida infections can be spread from one place to another, if those places stay warm/ moist/ airtight. Dry skin or bacterial suprainfections can do the same thing. I would consider using miconazole or monistat cream in the folds under your breasts until the itching is gone. Then use a desiccant cream like Desitin (zinc oxide diaper cream) to keep the area dry so the yeast won't grow back.