How can you tell if a healing second degree burn is infected?

Signs of infection. Fever, spreading redness around the area, drainage of pus, increasing pain. If you think you might have this, you need to seek medical attention promptly.
Increasing redness. If the area should be increasing in redness, pain, swelling, drainage or if there are red streaks ems acting from the area, i would advise contacting a physician.

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I have a second degree burn from boiling carmel. How can I tell whether my hand is infected?

Burn. 1st degree burn is a red area on the skin, second degrees with some blistering, third degree with full thickness damage of the skin that may need surgery. First and second degree burns can become worse through infections, increasing redness and pain, drainage from the area of the burn. If there is any question about infection be seen immediately. Otherwise keep a burn ointment/bandage on. Read more...
Signs... Of an infection include swelling, progressive redness, pain, fevers, etc. Not something you want to diagnose on your own, since the risk of complications and permanent impairment and disability following a serious hand infection is high. See a doctor if you are at all concerned that you might have an infection. Read more...