Can yeast infection clear up naturally or does it need to be medicated?

Yes. Some yeast infections clear up after moisture is taken away or antibiotics are stopped. Deep seeded infections (i.E toenails) may need topical or systemic medication.
May clear up on own. In persons with intact immune systems yeast infections are temporary imbalances in the body's ecology often triggered by antibiotics taken for an infection. Over time & with return to health intestinal bacteria reassert their dominance & yeast levels decrease. This process can be hastened by adding probiotics or antifungal drugs. Persons with diabetes or immunodefiency may have persistent problems.

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How can I heal a yeast infection naturally?

I rec meds. Work better and faster, u can help prevent yeast by taking acidolphilus or probiotics every day but that is not currative if u get one, see your gyn for proper txment cause sometimes you could have a yeast and bacterial infection at the same time, I see that everyday in at least one of my pts, and I send out cultures so I know exactly what my pt has so she can get the proper txment.

Can you please explain how I can clean up a yeast infection naturally?

Yeast infection. Not likely to clear yeast infections with so-called "natural" materials, although I am not even certain what that means.

I've had a yeast infection and I want to cure wit naturally, I don't want to take any pills. What are some remedies?

To treat yeast. Without yeast medication. Yeast grow on sugar so avoid sweets, fruit juice, limit fruit to 2 servings per day, avoid alcohol, avoid simple carbs and limit complex carbs. Avoid unneeded antibiotics. Boric acid capsules can treat yeast. You can make your own or use yeast arrest vaginal suppositories. If this doesn't work use over the counter yeast cream - yeast infections can be uncomfortable.

I just went to dr I got my yeast infection backsex is painful its ruining me is there anything I can buy that will clear it up for good?

No. Sorry. I'd advise avoiding sex for a week to let things heal. There's no way to get rid of yeast permanently, but if you avoid douching, take a probiotic every day, keep your blood sugar under control by limiting sweets and carbs, and make sure the vaginal area stays well-ventilated (don't wear leggings or bike shorts all the time), then you'll probably have fewer yeast infections.
Recurrent. Infections might mean you have undiagnosed medical condition, such as diabetes, that predisposes you to infection. Ask your doctor about it. Or it could mean that you are getting reinfected from your partner too.

How do I clear up a chronic yeast infection? And if my husband has it will OTC products work on him too? Could we be passing it back and forth?

Confirm diagnosis. Need to make sure it is yeast infection and not irritant vulvitis. It is done by seing yeast on wet prep by your doctor or a culture. If it confirmed yeast, you need to rule out diabetes and oral contraceptive use, HIV infection, chronic antibiotic therapy. Butoconazole more effective, weekly rx with terazole may help, Diflucan (fluconazole) once a week may help. Your husband can try terazole, yes you can be back;forth.

Diagonosed yeast infection I used gyno dak and disease cleared up. I had inter course with my bf itching started what should my bf use to be clean?

Skin Irritation. I am not sure if your boy friend is reacting to the left over medication you used to clear up your yeast infection, or if he is reacting to lube used during intercourse or something else. In general yeast infections are not contagious.