How is chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosed? How does it differ from epstein-barre syndrome/disease? How do they differ from myofacial pain?

Standard Criteria. Cfs is diagnosed using 8 general symptom questions (dyscognition, sore throat, swollen glands, muscle pain, joint pain, headaches, poor sleep, tired after activity) and 4 fatigue questions (not relieved by rest, not due to activity, impairment, worse with mild exercise). Ebv can start cfs but there is no persistent ebv. Myofascial pain is widespread pain that can be with or without fatigue.
Clinical Diagnosis. It is a diagnosis of elimination. You eliminate other diagnosis with similar symptoms and then come up with the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. There are different criterias to make the dagnosis though. It is considered similar to infectious mononucleosis caused by epstein barre virus diagnosed by monospot test. Myofacial pain could be one of the clinical manifestations of cfs.