Years ago I broke my big toe; it hurts again (because of bad shoes? Which I threw out) coworker says it's gout? When should I see a dr.? Gout? Y or n?

Gout or not. Abroken toe usually heals in about six weeks and does not give pain after it has healed.You may have gout, you need to see your doctor who will examine you and do a blood test and start you on the treatment.Gout causes pain in small joints in feet and hands , it needs to be treated with ani inflammatory pain pills and follow up.Gout can keep recurring and if uric acid is high , you need treatment .
POSSIBLY. Typically when a gout attack occurs it is extremely painful, red, and hot to the touch. Most patients cannot put weight on the foot if the big toe is involved. More likely you have osteoathritis secondary to the break years ago. However the answer could be as simple as bad shoes and may be the easiest to change and see if symptoms improve.
Your co-worker . Decided it was gout? If your foot hurts then you should see a doctor. Just because a toe hurts doesn;t make it gout. Gof ro a visit to the foot doc he will take an x-ray and examine your foot. He may then decide if he thinks its gout send you for blood work and possibly a 24 hour urine test...That's assuming he agrees with your co-worker.