Okay so yesterday went to kiss my bf when he was sleeping and he wokeup and his head hit my nose it made a loudcrack it has a bump tender pressure?

Fx? dislocation? The forceful contact may have fractured nasal bone or may simply have dislocated the nasal cartilage. Use ice to reduce swelling; tylenol (acetaminophen) for pain (rather than nsaid, which might increase risk of bleeding), & see ent. May require xray to determine fx. Ent can set fx or align dislocation.
Get it checked. That kind of injury could break the nasal bones or perhaps the nasal cartilages. That could lead to a change in the shape of the nose or cause problems with breathing. If your nose has changed then you should have it checked within a few days by a surgeon who routinely treats broken noses. But don't wait to long or it may have already healed.
Nose trauma. May well have broken it. The sooner you have it checked , the easier it will be to set if it's dislocated, otherwise will be crooked and need surg. If you're cosmetically self conscious.