What does it mean on ankle MRI when it says incendental note of tear of atfl. I have pain in right ankle.

Ankle Instability. When a tear of the anterior talo-fibular ligament is noted on mri, it suggests mechanical instability of some degree. The word "incidental" means that the order for the MRI did not say that this was something of concern. It could also mean that there was no surrounding inflammation to suggest that this was a new tear (part of the present reason for ordering the test itself). Dr rich blake.
Ankle sprain. Atfl is anterior talo fibular ligament which is the most common ligament injured in an ankle sprain. Not sure why they called it incidental though...Perhaps from an older injury rather than acute?
Tear or . Partial tear of the anterior talo fibular ligament. This is the moat commonly injured ligament in an ankle sprain.