I was suffering from a bad cough (no cold) from dec to feb. Now when I try to talk loud, my voice gets surpressed by da cough. Something in my throat?

Bronchospasm... This sounds like bronchospasm and the etiology needs to be determined so you can be treated effectively. See your doctor for evaluation. Your vocal cords may be inflamed from the cough resulting in the hoarseness.
Chronic cough. Cough is symptom that can be caused by several diseases including allergies, viral infections, acid reflux from stomach, asthma, some medications, smoking and sometimes the same process can affect your larynx and vocal cords which are located down of your throat. If this process did not resolve on its own on all this time you should seek medical examination to find out what the problem is.
Check it out. Several months of a persistent choking cough can be significant. It is unlikely to be a problem in your throat. Stop smoking if you do. See an md to check for sinus disease or acid reflux from the stomach. One third of coughs lasting this long can be from whooping cough, an infection which is lately unfortunately more common due to increasing lack of proper immunizations.