Ringworm. Have had this for 8 months now. Tried everything from over-the-counter to prescription ointments and antibiotics. Still there. How come?

Anti-fungal. Ok...Some basics. Ringworm is fungus. Oral Fluconazole is a cheap effective way to eliminate the infection. Re-infection is not uncommon. Antibiotics will not cure this...And in fact may worsen it by further due colonizing your skin of bacteria. If your primary is in doubt....Have him send you to an infectious disease or dermatologist. A KOH prep will confirm the diagnosis.
Not ringworm . You have ringworm. You have tried prescription medication from your doctor and it is not better after 8 months. If you continue to get ring worm in different places on your body then it is from contamination. Make sure all clothes clean, sheets, etc. Otherwise assume the diagnosis is something else and not ringworm. A dermatologist may help at this point. Be well.