I am trying to reduce the amount if carbs on a daily basis so I can try and loose weught. What guideline should I use to be safe?

Balanced diet. Trendy diet plans aside, the secret to losing weight is for our output to exceed your input, to burn off more calories than you eat, regardless of what sort of calories they be. 1) stay active. Not necessarily a lot, just stay active. 2) be aware of what you eat. Not a diet, per se, just awareness. 3) weigh often. That way, you know what your weight is doing and you can adjust your eating.
Carbs, Please look up info on low-glycemic carbs. Low glycemic carbs tend to more of the berries, melons etc.High glycemic index foods tend to make us hungrier faster.These foods tend to be the starchy foods such as breads, most breakfast cereals, white flour products, etc. In order to feel more "fullness" and less hunger stick with lean proteins modest fats, and vegetables(not as starchy-potatoes), fruit.